Prsident Desk

Adv. Kamal Satuja


I am very thankful and grateful to all the members who have shown faith in me and elected me as the President of District Bar Association, Nagpur. I extend my respect and regard to all senior members of the Bar and affection to younger colleagues and lady members as well. Over the years, the DBA has grown along and to continue working for its development my goals for this tenure are for expanding the DBA’s life membership, provide new marketing opportunities on the DBA’s website for our members and continue to instil a positive influence, on behalf of the DBA, to our members and the more..


The District Bar Association, Nagpur is completing 140 years of its glories history. The event is being celebrated by District Bar Association by organizing the event “JUSTICIA 2016”. It is worthwhile to mention here that no records of history of Bar Association for the period between 1876 and 1928 are traceable, but the monogram of the association shows that it was established in 1876.

Genral Secretary Desk

Adv. Nitin Deshmukh

Genral Secretary

I take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to the members of the District Bar Association, Nagpur for providing me opportunity to serve the Bar as Secretary by reposing your trust. I must express my heartiest congratulations to you all for electing a team of Executive Committee having determination to serve the Bar in best possible manner and to the best of their satisfaction. I, on behalf of myself and all the members of the Executive Committee, DBA, Nagpur assure you that we shall bring complete transparency in respect to affairs of the Bar and shall read more..