District Bar Association, Nagpur

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The District Bar Association, Nagpur is completing 140 years of its glories history. The event is being celebrated by District Bar Association by organizing the event “JUSTICIA 2016”. It is worthwhile to mention here that no records of history of Bar Association for the period between 1876 and 1928 are traceable, but the monogram of the association shows that it was established in 1876.

1. The association shall be named “The District Bar Association, Nagpur.
2. The registered office of the Association shall be at Nagpur.
3. The Association shall be a perpetual body corporate, capable of acquiring property, and it shall be competent to sue and be sued in its name.
4. The aims and object of the Association are:-
(a) To provide facilities for the study of Law by maintaining a Library for the use of its members.
(b) To protect the professional interests of its members.
(c) To do, exercise and perform all acts as are necessary to carry out the objects of the Association as set forth in the Memorandum of Association, and to do any other acts as may be deemed conducive to the best interest of the profession.
(d) To take over the assets and liabilities of the present District Bar Association, as on the date of its registration.
5. Unless there is anything repugnant to the subject of context :-
a. “Association” means the “District Bar Association, Nagpur.
b. “Month” means a month according to the Gregorian calendar.
6. All the members of the present District Bar Association on its register of Subscribers in the month of Registration of the Association, shall be deemed to be its members. Such members shall be required to fill in the prescribed form for admission, and shall be liable to pay the arrears due by them.
In addition to the members as per rule 6 above, the following persons shall be entitled to the membership of the Association :
a. All Law Graduates, who are practicing as Law years in Civil, Revenue, Criminal, Labor, Income Tax, Sales Tax or other Courts on payment of prescribed admission fee and monthly subscription, as decided by the Executive committee from time to time and who agree to abide by the rules and Bye Laws of the Association. Such Members will be called “Regular Members.”
b. All Law Graduates connected with Law and the profession of legal practitioners including Judges, retired Judges, Lecturers in Law, Members of Parliament of State Legislature on payment of Rs. 11/- per years or such other amount, as may be fixed by the Executive committee from time to time and who agree to abide by the rules and bye laws of the Association. Such members will be called “Sympathizer Members.”
7. Any legal practitioner who is entitled to practice, a greeting to be bound by the Rules and Bye-Laws of the Association for the time being in force, may be admitted as a member by the Executive Committee, provided, he makes an application for admission in the prescribed form accompanied by such admission fee and current subscription as may be in force for the time being.
(a) The Sympathizer Members will not be eligible to vote in Annual General Meeting. 8. On receipt of the application under Rule 7, the secretary shall circulate it among the members of the Executive committee for their approval, or place it before the next meeting of the Executive Committee as may be deemed suitable. The decision of the Executive Committee shall be communicated to the applicant within a month. The Executive Committee shall not be bound to assign any reason for its decision.
9. Every members of the Association shall pay during the first fortnight his monthly subscription in advance at such rate per month as may be determined by the Association, He shall also pay all other dues for any month by the end of the month.
a. No Member shall remain in arrears of subscription for more than six months. On a member being found in arrears of subscription for six months or more, the General Secretary shall issue him a notice asking him to clear off the said arrears within three months from the date of the notice. In case the arrears are not cleared off within the time granted by the above notice, the defaulting members shall automatically ceases to be a member after the lapse of the said period.
10. A member of the Association shall be liable to pay all dues payable under these Rules and Bye Laws till he ceases to be a member of Association.
11. A member who is in arrears of subscription or of other dues for three months shall not be entitled to vote at any meetings either of the Association or of the Executive Committee.
12. Every member shall have one vote which he may exercise personally. No proxies shall be allowed at any meetings of the Association.
13. Any member who desires to resign the membership of the Association must send in his written resignation to the Secretary one week before the expiry of the month failing which, he shall be liable to pay the subscription for the next month.
14. The Association shall have power to remove any member from its Register of members for :-
a. Being in arrears of subscription on their dues of the Association for four months;
b. Being removed from the Roll of Legal practitioners of the Province;
c. Gross misbehavior ; Or,
d. Any other just or sufficient cause.
15. The executive committee may re-admit any member who has resigned or whose name has been removed from the Register of Members under Rule 14(a), (c) or (d) provided he pays all arrears due be him.
16. The members removed under Rule 14(a), (c) or (d) shall also be liable to pay a fresh admission fee. The Executive Committee, however, may exempt any person who has resigned, or, removed under Rule 14 (b) but Subsequently re admitted on the Roll of Legal practitioners of the Province, from payment of the admission fee.

Distirct Bar Assocaition